12 – 18 December 2016

Advent time – Christmas time – the time to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Looking around us, we can see it is ‘the time to celebrate spending serious money’. Crazy advertisements suggesting “SALE – Everything 40 – 60 % off!’’ Credit card overdrafts seem to be a very normal occurrence in our society. Money is mentioned many times (if I remember, several hundreds of times). Have we ever wondered why? This time of the year is possibly the best time to think about this.

Take a few moments of your precious time and look up in your concordance – five verses which speak about money.

Now, we are buying gifts – sometimes even for people we don’t really want to buy for, but ‘feel we should’. Isn’t Christmas a time to give? REALLY? Please don’t get me wrong! I love receiving and unpacking gifts! But how about my neighbour? How about all these people who don’t have much at all. World Vision, Salvation Army, CBM, Red Cross, Tearfund; just to mention a few. Their services are in HIGHEST demands! May God help us not to forget to generously support these helping organisations during this ‘time of giving’.

I am so thankful that there is never a time God takes 50% off HIS love and grace! GOD never offers a SALE when it comes to what HE has done in the past and still does in the present time for us. HIS price for our salvation did not get reduced. It still is the death of His only and precious son – JESUS. You see, HE was prepared to PAY THE FULL PRICE for the forgiveness of OUR SINS.

Let’s look up Romans 12:2

It warns us not to be conformed to this world, and remember to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’. Take the time to read the entire Chapter 12 of the book of Romans. It is titled, “Christian Behaviour”. We will find encouragement in using our ‘different gifts’ – the gifts which are not wrapped in shiny paper. Gifts which can hold eternal value and bring blessing to the people around us.

I wonder, do we take time during this busy season to think about time? Not just the time ‘to rush and stress’ – that’s normal. BUT how about:

a) the time to give a helping hand or a listening ear;
b) the time to ‘rest and just to be’.

To be ‘with ourselves, family and friends’ and to be with Jesus. The gift of giving time to ourselves and others is costly – the result of spending time with Jesus is ‘priceless’.


God’s love for us, God’s gift of salvation, Jesus’ birth, Jesus the only Saviour – These are what we really celebrate at Christmas, right?! How about we take time to read ‘The Song of Thanksgiving’ in:

1 Chronicles 16:23-36, Isaiah 45:15-25 and Psalm 68:19-20.


Please PRAY with me:

May the peace of God fill us and surround us and utterly sustain us during the festive season. May we all experience HIS PRESENCE (His present) afresh. May HIS joy, hope, peace and love fill us. May the privilege of the freedom we have, to worship this AWESOME God fill us with a sense of deep awe. May we learn more and more to rest in HIS PEACE.