Be imitators of God

‘…be imitators of God…’ Ephesians 5.1

That is some ask isn’t it. As others versions have it, follow God’s example, or watch what God does and do it.

Talk about parents having high expectations for children. Here we are told that we are to imitate God, to be like him. Why?

Paul puts it most clearly like this, because you are a child that God loves. Love is the motivation, imitate God because you are his child. The family’s honour is at stake – people are going to be looking at you and seeing in you God’s character when you follow him,

Imitate him, because you love him. If you love him, if you understand what he has done for you, you can’t help but imitate him. It’s inevitable that you will – its not forced your not compelled to, follow him. do what he does, imitate him because you love him.

Paul book ends this command to imitate God by referring to how God has forgiven us and loved us. That’s the motivation, and understanding of these two elements that lead us to be grateful. Gratitude is what motivates us.

What do we imitate? Those aspects of God’s character that we can know. His love, his forgiveness, his patience, his mercy, is understanding, his faithfulness, his kindness, his gentleness – his perseverance.

How do we do it? By loving extravagantly. Can we do it? Yes we can.

The greatest influences on our life will be those we build a relationship with and communicate with.

Are you going to imitate God? Then spend time getting to know him

What a great love he has for you – let that love motivate you