Don’t miss this opportunity

Don’t miss this opportunity. This seems to be what Paul says to us. He says you have this incredible opportunity to meet with the creator God of the universe. That what seems impossible almost incomprehensible has been made possible by Jesus Christ – we can meet with God. So, Paul says, approach God with confidence, fearlessly and with freedom. Don’t miss this opportunity – meet God. The NIV says ‘approach God’. Isn’t that cool! If you go up to someone it’s because you want to ask them something, and Paul says, ‘do it.’ And he says ask with huge expectations, ask Big things, and yet he seems to say no matter how big you’re asking, God can do way bigger things – God can do ‘immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.’

Don’t miss this opportunity ask God big things. And Paul says, do you know what the biggest thing is? It’s to know God’s love. and to know him living with you. He says I want you to know how high, how long, how deep, how side God’s love is. He’s got the four sides covered – and he says you can’t know it by yourself, you need the Sprit to help you.

Do you know God’s love? Paul does’t mean have you read about it or heard about it or thought about it – he says have you experienced it. Are you living it, is it changing you. That’s the big thing, that’s what we don’t want to miss – God at work living in us and loving us.

How big are your prayer? Make them big but make them God focussed – make them with your bible beside you so you know what God thinks – come to him and ask for his strength and power to know his love – and wait to be amazed