Fishing With Jesus

John 21 is a beautiful chapter. It concludes with Jesus asking three questions of Peter, do you love me? A wonderful story of restoration as Peter had 2 times denied knowing Jesus .

This story of restoration begins earlier. Jesus sees Peter and others fishing without success. He calls out to them to put their nets on the other side of the boat, and they are full to bursting.

You see Jesus is so interested in us. His desire for us is to bless us, Isaiah reminds us that, ‘No eye has seen no ear has heard no mind has conceived what God ha prepared for those who love him.’

We can get stuck in the moment, but God’s plans are way ahead of ours. We forget the depth of his love, because we focus on the now and that at times is uncomfortable. But Jesus can and will take us though those tough times. We need to trust him, to have faith in him to listen out for him and to obey him. He is speaking. He will come through for us, he is faithful.

Imagine Peter, this man of declared courage, Jesus others will let you down, but not me, who so soon afterwards denied and rejected his friend when he needed him most. What did Jesus do? He blessed him, he filled his nets, he called him to share in the twilight to a fire, the same sort of scene where Peter had denied him. The memory must have been vivid for Peter, but at that fire place, Jesus shows Peter his love and his care. Jesus has prepared a meal for him, Jesus has the fire to warm him, Jesus has supplied for Peter what Peter couldn’t supply for himself, Jesus says. Peter I know you I know what you have done, and Peter I love you.

Jesus says the same to us, he knows us, we can’t hide from him. he wants to bless us to care for us to show us his love.

What does he ask of us? That we listen and obey that we trust him and put our nets out when it seems hopeless. And when we think it is hopeless he will come through for us.

What an awesome Saviour we serve. Trust him, love him, make him the boss of your life and watch what he will do for you.