Forgive us our sins as we forgive others

On Sunday we had a very brief introduction to the concept of forgiveness. A word many of us will be familiar with, but a concept that is difficult.

When Jesus teaches us to pray there are two things relative to forgiveness that are apparent:
God assumes we will forgive other;
God is willing to forgive us
When we pray this prayer we are, as Charles Spurgeon put it, reading our ‘death-warrant when you repeat the Lord’s Prayer.” Why? Because we are not forgiven unless we are forgiving.

We will explore this more in the coming weeks, because forgiveness is much more complex and nuanced that we tend to understand.
What we know is that God loves us so much that he longs for us to be in relationship with him. That the gift of forgiveness is God’s way of bringing us back to a relationship with him. A relationship with God without asking for forgiveness is impossible.
Isaiah 59:2 ‘But your sins have separated you from God; your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear’

We need forgiveness and we need to offer forgiveness. It sounds too simple, and if something sounds to easy we can dismiss it. But God’s word tells us 1 John 1.9 that if we confess our sins God forgive us our sins. If we don’t believe that then we are not believing in God.

Forgiveness is all about reconciliation. Us with God and us with each other. It is central to the Gospel message.

As we go forward on this, I’m praying we will understand more of what God has done for us and be motivated to be forgiving ourselves and see lives transformed