He cares for you

Yesterday we looked at the topic of prayer. How we pray and the power of our prayers are often determined by our understanding of who God is. Remembering that there is nothing magic in our prayers – it is always God who acts.

The question for us is, do we pray to God believing that he cares for us and will act?

In Mark 10 we read about the story of blind Bartimaeus. He was sitting on the side of the road as the crowds streamed by on their way to Jerusalem for the Passover. Among the crowd was Jesus on his way to Golgotha and the Cross. Jesus know this, no one else did.

When Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was close by he used what he had, his voice to get his attention. “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.’

The phrase that Bartimaeus used was one the Old Testament prophets used for the coming Messiah. This blind man, who had never seen Jesus’s miracles but had heard about them, believed he was the Messiah. Those who had sight and had seen Jesus works, didn’t. Are we blind too to the reality of Jesus?

This cry of Bartimaeus was passionate and urgent. Have mercy on me. He recognised that his most urgent need was for God to deal with him as he was. Dealing with him on the inside before he asked anything for his needs. Do we come to God so humbly, God I want you to sort me out, from the inside out.

The wonder is that as Jesus walked in the crowd, with all that must have been on his mind, he heard this cry, he stopped and he called Bartimaeus to him.

That is the God that Jesus came to reveal. A God who hears us, a God who will not pass us by, a God who longs for us to come to him with passion and urgency, a God who longs for us to communicate with him and a God who longs to draw us near.

‘What do you want me to do?’, Jesus asks. Are you putting your heart felt needs before Jesus? Are you praying specific requests, trusting he will listen and act? Are you giving yourself time to listen to what God has to ay to you? Are you giving space in you day for Jesus to love you?

Are you listening to God asking you, ‘what do you want me to do?’ And are you allowing hims to shape those wants. He will give to you what is best for you.

Bartimaeus threw his cloak on the ground as he approached Jesus. Can you do that? Can you leave behind what is unhealthily identifying you and let God love you and transform you?

God is the God of transformation – let him transform you. He will stop and listen, he won’t pass you by. Cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you . (1 Peter 5:7)