Hot cold or Lukewarm

The letter to the church at Laodicea in Revelation chapter 3 is a tough one. We have this image of Jesus that we construct in our mind that says he’s easy going, loving and will accomodate what ever I want him to accomodate.

This letter blows that idea apart. Here he is writing to a church that is in a city that is prosperous and self sufficient. The church seems to have taken on that culture.

Nestled in a valley where it didn’t have it’s own water supply, it relied on a water source from a town some distance away that was carried into Laodicea by an aqueduct system. From it’s source of boiling it arrives in Laodicea just warm and awful to drink.

This water is so bad it is spat out – it isn’t hot healing water, it isn’t cold refreshing water. It’s water that is useless. Applying this metaphor to the church, Jesus says because you are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm (just warm) you make me want to vomit.

He goes on though and says i don’t want you to be like this, I want you to be a church that is on fire, a church that is passionate for me. Look, he says, don’t you see how I love you? Here i am i’m standing at the door of your church wanting to come in and transform you – please open the door lets do life together.

As much as he says that to the church he says it to us as individual too. You have to out me first. What is getting in the way? Are you getting your priorities right? Is jJesus really first in your life? Are you living the way he calls you too? Or are you wanting to be comfortable? Comfort first not Jesus first. Yes I’lll follow Jesus as long as he doesnt want me to change, as long as he doesn’t challenge my choices, as long as I can do what I want.

How are your relationships? Is Jesus first? How are you spending your money? Is Jesus first? How are you spending your time? Is Jesus first?

This letter says how much Jesus is passionate about his church, and about you, me us!! True transformative life happens when we put Jesus first.

What are you passionate about? Are you passionate about Jesus? Are you wanting to see people come to know him? Are you wanting to see peoples lives transformed? Are you ready to lay your wants down and say Jesus, I want to do what you want me to do.

We want ABC to be a church that is on fire for Jesus. As in life the first step is repenting, saying sorry for not doing that and determining make Jesus first.

We are journeying on this, and here is our Prayer Action Plan to this end that as leaders we are asking the whole church to join in. Lets be transformative!!