Life in the Spirit

“A spiritual life is basically, in the Christian understanding, a life lived from the direction and the power and the motivations and the character of Jesus Christ Himself. It is Christ in you that gives you a spiritual life. And of course with Christ come His two best friends, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit.” Quote but I can’t remember where from

In the life of Jesus, we by pass 30 years or so of his life. He’s born, we then see him as a 12 year old in the Temple, at 30 or so, he’s baptised, tempted, busy teaching, healing, reading minds, walking on water, tried, found guilty, crucified and raised, ascended, sends his Spirit

That’s a snap shot. Read the gospels to get the full picture.

The point is this. For the majority of his life, it was ordinary. Yet he walked in the Spirit, filled with Spirit, lived life in the Spirit. An ordinary life.

When we think of the Spirit filled life, we easily jump to the mystical, the visible, the miraculous. We think of prophecy, healing, tongues etc.

But the Spirit filled life is for every one now, a  life lived from the direction and the power and the motivations and the character of Jesus Christ Himself.

How do we know we are living a Sprit filled life?Here’s some thoughts.

Do you love Jesus – really love him, and want a deep relationship with him?

Are you wanting to be obedient to him. Not an expectation of being perfect, but a life that is directed to that, to living the life Jesus wants you to live?

Are you reading the Bible – spending time in it. Valuing it as the word of God that is good for you.

Are praying, really praying heart felt prayers. Prayers for the lost, for the church, for how you can live the life Jesus asks of you?

As a church are we seeing the Spiritual gifts at work? Are we desiring them so that the authenticate the word of God. Seeking them,  not for their own end, but because it will point to Jesus

Are we cultivating a relationship with the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

Seek a life in the Spirit – to be empowered to be the witness God has called you to be. A life in the Spirit in the midst of the ordinary