It was a real privilege to have Johannes share with us on Sunday his message on mission. This message was a challenge to us to evaluate where we are at with God, and what we are doing about being his disciples where we are.

Johannes looked at the Isaiah 6 and gave us an overview of the context in which Isaiah responded to the call of God, saying ‘here I am send me.’ 
The truth for us is that we are all ‘sent’. God sent his son Jesus and Jesus sends us. We are to the voice the feet the hands of God in our communities, and wherever God sends us or has placed us.
It is a real challenge. As Johannes said, though we go back to look at an event thousands of years ago, as much as things change they stay the same.  In New Zealand we live in a society founded on Judeo/Christian standards, but we have moved away from those standards and have become proud, and as we were reminded the Bible is clear that pride leads to downfall. 
In order for us to go effectively out into the ‘world’, we were reminded that we need an encounter with Jesus, we need to meet with God. We need to build disciplines into our lives to enable that to occur; to learn those disciplines that take us into a relationship with the Triune God.
We are called and we are sent. We can make a difference, God is on our side, and it is he who goes with us. He longs to see people in relationship with him. If that is God’s heart it should be our heart too, and for us the challenge is how do we do it. We can do it by speaking about Jesus, we do it by being on our knees and praying, we do it by being confident that we are his children and he will use us for his glory, we do it by working first and foremost on our relationship with him.
Today is a beautiful day, remember whatever your circumstance to praise God and let your praises change you.

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