Our Daily Bread

‘Love loves to be told what i already knows…it wants to be asked for what it longs to give.’

When we look at the Lord’s prayer and prayer in general, what do you make of the line, ‘give us this day our daily bread’?

Do we think of it as presumptuous? Who am I to ask God for anything? Or do we not give it any thought, we approach it as an inalienable right to come before God and demand he acts as we ask?

Or does it fill you with a sense of awe that the creator God invites us to make our requests known to him.

Jesus, in his model prayer, the Lords Prayer, seems to suggest that we rush in to prayer. We immediately become the centre of attention. We have our list and we want to get to it.

But he says wait a moment. Focus your attention on the giver of all good things. Remember whose presence you are coming in to. You’re are coming before your Father in Heaven. Take time to enjoy his company. Before he begins his prayer he says go into a secret space. Find a place, create a place to spend time with you Father. Enjoy him.

Then he moves on and he says, but don’t be shy to take your requests to him. It’s a relationship he seeks. He wants to hear from you, he wants to know about your day. You are free to bring even the most trivial things to him – ask for bread.

In doing that we are acknowledging that we are dependant on him for every area of our life.

This God longs to hear from us, he knows what we need, he knows what is good for us.

How about we take time to spend with him – poor out your heart. Don’t rush, tarry a while with him and enjoy him. Doesn’t that show him we love him? And then tell him what you need, and allow him to shape your needs to. Trust him, he won’t let you down