As we enter into our time of self denial, how truly awesome it is to be reminded of the privilege and the power of prayer.

We are all called to a ministry, the size of it doesn’t matter. This morning we looked at Elijah going to Zarephath. Sent by God to meet, to dwell with and to minister to poor woman and her son.

Elijah had been resting for a while by a brook, God told to to get up and move to a city in the country of his enemies. He went from a place of resting to a place of testing. In that place he learnt to rely more and more on God, and he saw God providing for him in powerful ways and he saw God use him through the power of prayer to bring life in the middle of death.
Are you in a place of testing now? Are you trusting God to provide for you, to surprise you, to move you to a new place.

The place of testing is God’s refinery, he is shaping you so that you will come out better than you were when you went in. God does not waste any experience.

Ask ourself what your relationship with God is like. Are you working at it, are you willing to be used by him. Is living for Jesus the defining cause in your life.

Does your heart reflect the heart of God. Are you praying for those who are suffering, are you believing in a compassionate God. Are you praying passionately for God to act, for his Spirit to descend in such a way, people will know something is happening.

Is there someone like the poor woman at Zarephath that God has brought you in to contact with for you to pray for, Is there someone who is dying for their lack of knowledge of the life giving gospel of Jesus that you have been given by God a responsibility to pray for?

Do you believe God will hear you and answer your prayers?

If we are serious about God been engaged in our world, we need to get serious about praying.

Elijah, after his period of testing went to a mountain and changed a nation. What can God to with you, if you are patient with him and dedicate yourself to prayer.