The Travellers Psalm

On 20 November we read through Psalm 121. One of the Psalms of ascent, and a beautiful Psalm. It is referred to as both the travellers Psalm and the soldiers Psalm.

As we read it we have this image of a pilgrim, a sojourner, a traveller walling among the mountains and as he does so, and as he looks around him he sees mountain after mountain. ‘I will lift my eyes to the mountain where does my help come from’ Who cares for me, seems to be the plaintive cry. But as the question is asked, the answer is given – the one who cares is the one who made the the heavens and the earth.

The creator God cares for his creatures. He does not leave us, he does not forsake us. His care is 24/7 – he is the careful God, not the careless God.

God watches over us continually – he doesn’t drift off to sleep – his attention is undivided – it is personal – it is gentle.

He watches our coming and our going – he watches all of life’s progress for us – as we leave the house and enter the house – whether we sleep, work or play – he is with us.

He is our very present help – he guards us from birth to death. It doesn’t mean that we wont suffer the ills that life throws at us, but it does mean that we are never alone. His plans for us are for eternity.

This is the God who out of his great love sent his son Jesus to be our saviour, and our friend We need never be alone again, we can always be safe in the arms of Jesus

Is this the God you know. Is this the God you trust and is this the God who you are allowing to transform your life?

As you too journey through life as you look at the mountains in front of you, and around you, are you aware of the attentive presence of God?