What is to prevent me from being baptised?

Acts 8.36  ‘What is to prevent me from being baptised?’
What a question. We easily from this distance miss its power, its significance.  Here was a man who could come to the outside but wasn’t welcome into the inside of God’s people. He could look in he couldn’t join in. He was scarred, he was different, he was an outsider. BUT with Jesus his death and his resurrection all that had changed. As a man named Philip sat beside him and the spoke together about the meaning of a Bible passage, his eyes were opened to the grace, mercy and love of Jesus. This event is surprising on many levels. Philip, say with someone very different from him. But the gospel drew the two together. Philip acted in obedience to a prompting of God. God was a work and Philip joined in. 
An African eunuch here’s the good news of Jesus explained, and knew he was no longer on the outside but was a child of God’s. His response for baptism was his recognition that his life was changed. His post baptism experience is one of joy, and the news of Jesus spreads.
What opportunities are you expecting this week to share the good news? Pray for them, look for them and trust God to lead you into them. The news is too good to keep to ourselves