YOU are gifted, and you can do it

When Paul introduces himself as a prisoner for the Lord in Ephesians 3, he’s simply stating a fact. I wonder what we make of that introduction. So often we can miss them as we move quickly on. Does it remind us that Christianity is costly, it’s risky, it’s dangerous. Does it remind us that Paul has been confined and has had a lot of time to think about what he is going to write?

Clearly Paul has thought deeply. He has written this letter to encourage a fledging church. Reminding them of the riches they have in Christ. Reminding them that the power of God demonstrated by Jesus in his resurrection is the same powerful God who is at work for us.

Reminding them that God is a God who has redeemed us. That is that God paid a price for our sins that we couldn’t pay ourselves, and that that price has brought us salvation – freedom from our sin.

In chapter 4 he reminds us that Christianity is not simply a belief but a lifestyle. He says life a life walk a walk worthy of what God has done for you. He has called you His child. Paul reminds us that Christianity is a lifestyle directed toward maintaining and guarding the unity within the church. That unity has as its focus obedience to Jesus.

We are all responsible for maintaining that unity, we are all gifted to encourage one another. We are all called to serve God wherever we are. There is a diversity of gifts and a diversity of people within the church. We are called to unity not sameness. We are called to be humble. gentle and patient with each other. We are called to love each other.

We are called so that His church witnesses effectively to God’s glory.

This week, as God by His Spirit to empower you to be the witness he wants you to be. Ask him to show you opportunities to share your faith and the courage to do it.

YOU are gifted, and you can do it